Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures in Charlotte (Sept 19-21, 2008)

I spent the weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina visiting Courtney, Doug and Ruby in their new home. It was a beautiful weekend in Charlotte with gorgeous weather and great company. The weekend was very relaxing since having a 12 month old in tow makes the crowd adjust to her schedule and pace.

I arrived on Friday and Courtney picked me up from the airport. For some reason I completely slept through my alarm and woke up when I was supposed to be leaving the house. After literally throwing on clothes, shoving food down River's mouth, and rushing us out the door, I did make it to the airport on time (but not with make-up or washed hair).

Courtney and I headed out to the US National Whitewater Center ( and had a fabulous lunch at the restaurant there and then sat, chatted, and watched all the boats come down the level 3-4 rapids sections. We cheered for people who were tossed into the water and also for the lifeguards pulling them out. After walking around the entire whitewater loop, we headed to pick up Ruby from daycare and then to the house.

We had a yummy pizza dinner and then Courtney and I lost 90 minutes to the worlds most stupid movie (The Good Night). Don't watch it. Doug was clearly the wisest of the three of us and went to bed after an hour (he also had a race in the morning).

Saturday morning, Courtney and I got up fairly early and made a yummy breakfast of cheezy eggs, hash browns and faux sausage. We then went back to bed for a nap. I woke up again at about 11:15 and headed out for a walk, with Courtney catching up about 30 minutes later. Saturday afternoon, we all drove out to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, NC.

It was an unbelievably beautiful day and we wandered through the orchid house, around the fountains, touched the "argyle grass" and ogled parrots. It is still fairly small, which makes it very manageable as a trip. We stopped on the way back through Belmont for burgers (we were all starving) and ate in a sports bar which was nice enough to turn on the Cubs game for me!

Saturday night, I had offered to babysit while Courtney and Doug had a date, but it was not to be. Ruby fell asleep on the way back home and I think they were afraid she would wake up and need them (she never did) and Doug was tired from his race that morning. We ended up playing scrabble and having another early night. I think I won the game of Scrabble for the first time ever.:)

Sunday, Courtney and I again walked, I had some quality time hanging out with Ruby and then Court and I drove to "uptown" Charlotte for the Festival in the Park to meet Maureen and her friend. It was another beautiful day and we wandered around looking at art (and people) with stops for a funnel cake with chocolate and a gyro.

Maureen got me to the airport in plenty of time to get home and I enjoyed the rocking chairs in the Charlotte airport. The only bump in the trip came on the way home when the "L" was closed between Montrose and Addison. They put every one on buses, again fine...until our bus driver missed the turn onto the expressway and had to execute a somewhat haphazard three point turn to get going to right direction to get on the expressway.

My car was unscathed at Irving Park, River was a good boy for Amy, and I slept well last night!:) The perfect weekend!