Race Results

7/17/2011 Fleet Feet Women's Festival, 5k 39:26/12:31mm (yes I was pregnant and almost died)
4/10/2011 Shamrock Shuffle, 8K 52:54/ 10:38mm (pregnant, did not know it, felt crappy)
10/31/2010 Chicago Monster Dash, half marathon, 2:27/11:14 (long course, changed for Obama)
7/29/2010 Terrapin 5k, 30:42, 9:52mm (crazy fast first mile)
6/18/2010 Fleet Feet Women's Festival, 10k 1:10:16/11:10mm
3/25/07 Shamrock Shuffle, 8k 56:30/11:21mm
11/13/05 Sears Tower Stair Climb, 103 floors 29:51
10/9/05 Chicago Marathon 4:40:29/10:42mm
9/13/05 Nike Run Hit Wonder, 10k 1:28/14:11mm (crazy fun)
4/24/05 Lakefront 10 miler, 1:35:25/9:32mm (I remember I was hungover)
9/23/04 Nike Run Hit Wonder, 10k, 1:26:17
8/14/03 Race Judicata, 5k, 29:31/9:30
6/19/03 Jim Gibbons Memorial 5k, 28/9mm (this might be before chip timing!)
10/7/01 Chicago Marathon, 4:48:15/11mm
5/28/00 Rod's Run for Reading, 5k, 27:30/8:51mm
10/24/99 Chicago Marathon, 4:49:11/11:02mm
9/12/99 Chicago Half Marathon, 2:!6/10:23mm
3/22/98 Shamrock Shuffle 8k, 52:44/10:36mm