Friday, September 21, 2012

9 months! Henry

Henry is sleeping about 12 hours a night.  We recently moved his bedtime up to 6:30pm since he seemed tired.  He goes down easily and sleeps anywhere from 12-13 hours.   We are bouncing between one and two naps a day.  Last night he went down at 7ish and slept till 8:30am.  Allan said he was up when he left at 7:00am but he did not start crying till 8:30 so I left him alone.    He gets up to eat in the middle of the night one or two times a night.  No big deal.  He either takes one or two naps a day to equal  2-3 hours.

We are moving towards solids.  Henry loves baby yogurt, puffs, cheese, chicken, fruit, veggies, pancakes, waffles, etc.  No problems.  I am trying to get him to use the sippy cup for water at meals, but he normally just chews on it.  Today he grabbed the spoon and kept using it as a chew toy.   Four teeth!

Lots of reduplicated babbling with /t/, /s/, /d/, /b/, and /g/.  He will repeat sounds.  He loves finger play soungs, will lift his hands up for me to pick him up.  Loves peek a boo!  Of course, as long as he is social, I don't really care about anything else:)

Henry wants to stand ALL THE TIME, but needs help.  He even goes stiff as a board when I try to put him down.  He wants to be held and bounced all the time. No crawling yet but he is slithering, rolling and army crawling everywhere.  We have baby gates up.  He loves the jumparoo and the exersaucer.

I realized that I missed blogging and was not sure how to start I just decided to do it!