Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeling Good - August 8

After my reality check last week, I got myself in gear. I had some great workouts this week and even ran another race, the "Elvis is Alive" 5k (34:45). I was happy with my time, it was hot and I was working hard. I also saw a number on the scale this week that was four pounds lower than my "official" August weight and dropped me another middle number. Must keep going. I find I am vacillating between thinking I look good and feeling good and thinking I look like an oompa loompah. The numbers on the scale help me quantify how I am feeling and what the clothes are telling me.

Mom and Dad are arriving this week for a visit. I am doing my best to stock the house with healthy options. I spend an hour cutting up veggies and fruit tonight so it will be on hand and want to continue to juice M-Th before work.

I was headed to the gym to workout tonight since it is about 90 out but River was giving me such guilt that I ran with him outside instead. I think he regretted the guilt trip after the run. He is worse for wear than I am. The first 10 minutes were actually GOOD, I was also able to push through almost the entire 30 minute run. Yeah!

Now that I have a page to track workouts on here, I am realizing that I consistently burn about 3,500 calories a week when I work out five days a week. I had better be losing a pound a week at this point....I'm working for it.

Maybe I will fit into that dress by the wedding:)