Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sometimes, it is easier to let things play out....

When I was expecting Henry, I was terrified that River would be a problem.  He is a bit of a skittish, high strung dog who is VERY attached to me.   When we brought Henry home, River was honestly terrified.  This of course terrified me since I know that terrified dogs are more likely to snap.  River would not only not stay in the same room, but would leave the floor Henry was on (I think he slept two floors down by the front door for at least a week after we came home).  The good news is that River never seemed to mind crying and is not all that sensitive to noise (baby, storms, TV, etc.)

I never pushed the issue, did not make River come close to Henry (although rewarded him for doing so), kept his crate and his dog bed as his safe places.  This lasted for at least 8 months until Henry got really mobile.  As with most kids and dogs, Henry LOVES River and wants to be on his bed and in the dog crate (preferably with him).  While I don't have ANY pictures of Henry sitting on River or them cuddled up together, River has become more and more accepting and protective on Henry.  Yesterday, Henry actually unlatched the dog crate, opened it and crawled inside with River.

Henry was sick on Tuesday.  I was doing laundry and peeked in on Henry during naptime to see.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One year, 6 weeks late:)

It is amazing how fast a year flies by.  I feel blessed and happy when I have a chance to stop and breathe.   This last weekend we had a combo birthday party for Allan and Henry.  Below is a picture from Henry's "real" birthday.  How can you not love that face?:)