October 2011: NOVA/MD - East Coast Baby Shower!
October 2011: Huron Mt., Michigan
September 2011: Key West for Amy and TT's Wedding
August 2011: Tulum, MX - Honeymoon
July 2011: Mt. Plesant for the wedding!
June 2011: Mt. Pleasant for Wedding planning
April 2011: Easter in Mt. Pleasant (?)
March 2011: Costa Rica
February 2011: NOVA/DC/MD to visit family and friends
December 2010: Mt Pleasant, SC for Christmas
November: Tulsa 11/5-7 for Mollie and Ben's wedding.  INDIA!
September - DC for the weekend to visit Liz, DH and CL
May 2010 - Turkey with Laura, Monica, Laurel, Carol and Lori
April 2010 - Mt. Pleasant, SC to visit Mom and Dad over Easter
March 2010 - Amsterdam, NL for a long weekend with Laura
February 2010 - Monterrey, MX to see Liz and family