Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Race Pictures - Terrapin 5k

Delane and I at the finish.

Weekend Wrap Up - October 24

It was a good workout week this week, I just need to be more consistent with healthy eating!
Monday - Group Spin: 53 min/408 calories
Tuesday - trainer session: 20 minutes/118 calories (not all of the session was on the watch)
Wednesday - Group Groove - 53 minutes/408 calories
Thursday - 30 min treadmill/30 minute rowing machine - 452 calories
Friday - group power - no watch worn
Saturday - 90 min yoga class/35 min power walk with the dog - no watch worn
Sunday - 1 hr 10 min - run/walk - 645 calories

2031/2500 - I am sure I hit the 2500 calorie burn but it was not on a watch:(

I feel like I am seeing more muscles in my shoulders this week!:)

My new goals are:
1 average BMI
2 average body fat %

I think I am going to hit the BMI goal before the body fat % goal.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling Stronger Every Day

I spent an hour running around Wells Park tonight to close out my zones. I had over 20 minutes left in zone 3 (which never happens) so I actually let myself RUN for part of the time. To say that I felt great is an understatement, I actually felt like I was flying. Unlike the last time I let loose, I did not bonk.

I've still got about 5lbs to lose to make it to 20lbs lost this year. I should be able to make it and am starting to see the difference in pictures.