Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love house guests!

Amy is staying with me this week while she rents out her place. I love the company and having someone else around. Since we lived together for a few years, it is somewhat like slipping back into old habits. She is going to watch River for me while I am in Turkey so it is a GIANT win/win. I've convinced her to help me eat the ice cream in my freezer so I am listening to her crunch away on an ice cream cone at this point. Yeah! Less for me to eat!

I really need to find my camera battery charger so I can post some pictures. I'd love to do a daily "what I am wearing" blog - but then I would be outed for wearing the same thing several days in a row. not good

I've already worked out Monday (spin), Tuesday (groove), and Wednesday (groove) this week. I'm thrilled to be on track to hit my five workouts early this week. I'm a little stressed about making my five next week since I am going to miss Monday spinning for a meeting and leave Friday night for Turkey (and I can't count on working out over the weekend since we arrive on Saturday afternoon). The challenge lets us take one week of - which will be my week in Turkey - but I have to hit five for the week before I get there!

Having an ok week other than some stupid family drama that makes me sad and mad. The good news is that I have gotten MUCH better at making decisions that are good for me - rather than doing what other people want me to do (which they say is best for me, but is usually what is best for them.) I still get mad at how mean people are though....I also stress about the "crazy" genes that I know are floating around the family. Is THIS what I have to look forward to? Going batshit crazy and making every one miserable? grrrrreeaaat!

Off to unload the dishwasher - hopefully the rain will hold off and I can run in the morning before my "long day" at work. I need to get some miles in before my 10k in June. This is NOT going to be pretty.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th - Banging my Head on the Desk.

I feel like banging my head on the desk today - and like I keep running into a wall and bouncing back......on one hand, after four weeks in the "five days a week workout challenge", I am noticing a real change in my fitness level. The ability to workout both harder and longer is definitely increasing. On the other hand, I cannot seem to stop eating ice cream or even stop eating when I am not hungry. Every day I look at Delane's blog and am inspired - then fall flat on my face.

Today - I hauled myself out of bed (quite literally) and made it to 8:30am spinning - which I tolerated (I am sore and achy). Upon arriving home, I ate ice cream. ugh

Ran around to see two EI kids in Albany Park, went home to get River, then to the office for four more kids. THANK GOD my 6:15 Lincoln Park kid cancelled this evening. I need to be at the office and get organized.

I got checks today from Cigna - for a kid that I have not seen since last year. My billing help entered in charges from another folder (with a very similar name) and sent it in. I must now pay her to fix her HUGE mistake. It peeves me when people say they are organized and are somewhat smug about the fact that they are so organized, and then pull crap like this. I do not claim to be organized, my desk is a mess, I work hard to keep my house on the positive side of disaster zone......but I have a great memory and do know what I have and have not done, where things are and who I talked to (and when).

UGH - OK- rant over, I am going to try to get 30 solid minutes of paperwork done before heading home for the evening.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hurray for May!

I just read the post I posted on March 31. It was somewhat shocking to read my paragraph bio of the last few horrendous years of my life. I guess the good news is that 2010 really does seem to be a good year for me. It is amazing how much more upbeat I am feeling about myself and life in general.

Laura started a workout challenge where you need to work out five days a week or pay $5 for every workout you don't complete. I've got three weeks of 5 workouts per week under my belt at this point. Here are all the great things I did in April 2010:
Great dinner out for Amy at Ceres Table
Cubs game with Amy
Hawks game with Liane for the playoffs
bad date:(
two good dates:)
watched more Hawks games with Liane and Amy
Had dinner at Naha to plan our Turkey trip.
Saw Anthony Bourdain at the Chicago theater
Helped Leslie celebrate her 35th birthday followed by a trip to Carol's and 2:00am burritos.
Hosted my 3rd or 4th CAbi party with Anne.
Saw The Farnsworth Invention at Timeline and Trust at Lookingglass.

I'm excited about May and need to go find my camera battery charger so that I can take pictures of my balcony. It was my big project for the weekend and I think it looks beautiful. Going to try to post more and keep sort of an online journal.