Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hurray for May!

I just read the post I posted on March 31. It was somewhat shocking to read my paragraph bio of the last few horrendous years of my life. I guess the good news is that 2010 really does seem to be a good year for me. It is amazing how much more upbeat I am feeling about myself and life in general.

Laura started a workout challenge where you need to work out five days a week or pay $5 for every workout you don't complete. I've got three weeks of 5 workouts per week under my belt at this point. Here are all the great things I did in April 2010:
Great dinner out for Amy at Ceres Table
Cubs game with Amy
Hawks game with Liane for the playoffs
bad date:(
two good dates:)
watched more Hawks games with Liane and Amy
Had dinner at Naha to plan our Turkey trip.
Saw Anthony Bourdain at the Chicago theater
Helped Leslie celebrate her 35th birthday followed by a trip to Carol's and 2:00am burritos.
Hosted my 3rd or 4th CAbi party with Anne.
Saw The Farnsworth Invention at Timeline and Trust at Lookingglass.

I'm excited about May and need to go find my camera battery charger so that I can take pictures of my balcony. It was my big project for the weekend and I think it looks beautiful. Going to try to post more and keep sort of an online journal.

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