Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love house guests!

Amy is staying with me this week while she rents out her place. I love the company and having someone else around. Since we lived together for a few years, it is somewhat like slipping back into old habits. She is going to watch River for me while I am in Turkey so it is a GIANT win/win. I've convinced her to help me eat the ice cream in my freezer so I am listening to her crunch away on an ice cream cone at this point. Yeah! Less for me to eat!

I really need to find my camera battery charger so I can post some pictures. I'd love to do a daily "what I am wearing" blog - but then I would be outed for wearing the same thing several days in a row. not good

I've already worked out Monday (spin), Tuesday (groove), and Wednesday (groove) this week. I'm thrilled to be on track to hit my five workouts early this week. I'm a little stressed about making my five next week since I am going to miss Monday spinning for a meeting and leave Friday night for Turkey (and I can't count on working out over the weekend since we arrive on Saturday afternoon). The challenge lets us take one week of - which will be my week in Turkey - but I have to hit five for the week before I get there!

Having an ok week other than some stupid family drama that makes me sad and mad. The good news is that I have gotten MUCH better at making decisions that are good for me - rather than doing what other people want me to do (which they say is best for me, but is usually what is best for them.) I still get mad at how mean people are though....I also stress about the "crazy" genes that I know are floating around the family. Is THIS what I have to look forward to? Going batshit crazy and making every one miserable? grrrrreeaaat!

Off to unload the dishwasher - hopefully the rain will hold off and I can run in the morning before my "long day" at work. I need to get some miles in before my 10k in June. This is NOT going to be pretty.

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