Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday May 8th

I don't seem to be doing a good job keeping up with my blog. Some updates:
- I found my camera battery charger and then smashed my camera in Turkey.
- I spent 10 days in Turkey (May 21-31). Hopefully I will get a new camera and post pictures.
- I am still working out five days a week and even ran three times in Turkey with Laura. The challenge goes two more weeks - I am hoping we renew.

I actually got on the scale after turkey and saw a MUCH lower number than expected. So far I have lost five pounds since January which is not great (at a pound a month) but I'LL TAKE IT!. Heck, I'll happily take two years to get back to weight goal at this point. My fitness is really improving. I can workout harder and longer - which burns more calories and also inspires me to eat better.

I've been juicing a la Natalia Rose every morning since returning from Turkey (except weekends). I am almost off caffeine totally at this point with no with drawl (I have had some diet coke). My goal is to not eat any food/drink other than the green lemonade until 12/noon and then to keep with the fruits/veggies as long as possible. I think I am eating less - definitely more f/v.

I'm almost to a decision regarding money management/financial planning. Tomorrow I have one more skype conference with the MD guy and I had a seminar with Fidelity tonight. It will be HUGE to have this off my plate.

Finally, my summer schedule starts Monday, FINALLY! I am excited to be working more efficiently for the summer and (hopefully), running around less. Courtney and Doug are staying with me on Sunday night and we are going out for "our" birthday. yeah!

Still running - the run for the zoo was last weekend. I did the 5k instead of 10k which was a good decision. It was about 33 minutes, the course was VERY crowded. I am happy I ran the whole thing and had a kick for the last .1 mile. My next step is to find a race for July and someone to run it with me.....I need to have a goal!

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