Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paris - June 11, 2009

So I decided sometime today that Facebook has jumped the shark and that I should no longer be posting my travel blogs there. I am going to work on moving them all back here along with some photos.  Maybe I can get my act together, get a great book deal and become independently wealthy!:)  *snort*

The the best thing about today was that it DID.NOT.RAIN!  To say that I have been thrilled is putting it lightly.  Dad asked why I had not been working on my travel journals and I told him that I was so pissed off about all the rain, it was better if I did not write anything till my mood improved.

This morning we headed to the Musee D'Orsay.  I am not sure if the museum has improved or I have changed, but it is fabulous. Simply fabulous.  They really seemed to get it together with the lighting, the collections, grouping things and not having either to many or to few paintings on display.  We arrived at about 10:30, arted strong till about 12:30 and then took a break for lunch.  We split the cheese plate (awesome) and lasagna (somewhat "chef boy r dee") at the resturant and then kept going.  

It is weird.  The as I get older, my taste in art is changing.  I am much less interested in Monet.  Everything looks greyish to me.  On the other hand, I am much more interested in Manet, Cezanne, and sculpture.  The last time I was in D'Orsay I was about 19 or 20.  In the past 17 years, I have learned more about the human body and have a totally different appreciation of it in both sculpture and painting.  

The other thing that I really noticed today was the number of naked women, with clothed men in pictures illustrating both great and terrible times.  Personally, I don't feel the the need to rip off my clothes when I am am in either trauma, or lounging on a riverbank.  Especially when all the men around me remain clothed in full suits.  I told my Dad they also needed to show all the wine bottles needed to get the girls naked.

After the D'Orsay, we headed towards our next stop - more hot chocolate.  This time we went to Jean-Paul Hevin - 231 Rue St. Honore (as recommended in the Luxe guide).  The chocolate was darker but not as thick as Angeliana's.   I'd call it a draw with Angelina's winning points for decor (and it was cheaper).  We then walked down Rue St. Honore and ended up taking the bus home and having a light dinner of bread, cheese and ham at home.  

After dinner we took the bus to Champs de Mars to see the Eiffel Tower lit up.  We had a nice chat on the bench waiting for the sun to set and the tower to light up.  I love the new sparkler lights.  Very festive.  

We took the metro home, called Mom and now I am typing while Dad is in bed.  I hope to recap Tues and Wed before heading to bed.  Also want to upload some photos.

Some funny things I thought about today:
Tights are big here.  I have tons of black tights in a drawer back home. Now I remember why.  Everyone here wears tights with short skirts.  I can't remember when I did that last in Chicago.  Still have all the necessary pieces in my closet though....must remember.:)

Flats are in.  My mom LOVES plain flat, leather flats.  I HATE them.  Parisisan women love them.  Now I know why Mom always says they are classic.

Smoking: people here LOVE to smoke.  I used to be smoking neutral.  Now I hate it.  I can't believe how much people smoke here.  Thank God not inside anymore.

It is official, my favorite most hated weather is rainy 50-60's.  yuck.