Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th - Banging my Head on the Desk.

I feel like banging my head on the desk today - and like I keep running into a wall and bouncing back......on one hand, after four weeks in the "five days a week workout challenge", I am noticing a real change in my fitness level. The ability to workout both harder and longer is definitely increasing. On the other hand, I cannot seem to stop eating ice cream or even stop eating when I am not hungry. Every day I look at Delane's blog and am inspired - then fall flat on my face.

Today - I hauled myself out of bed (quite literally) and made it to 8:30am spinning - which I tolerated (I am sore and achy). Upon arriving home, I ate ice cream. ugh

Ran around to see two EI kids in Albany Park, went home to get River, then to the office for four more kids. THANK GOD my 6:15 Lincoln Park kid cancelled this evening. I need to be at the office and get organized.

I got checks today from Cigna - for a kid that I have not seen since last year. My billing help entered in charges from another folder (with a very similar name) and sent it in. I must now pay her to fix her HUGE mistake. It peeves me when people say they are organized and are somewhat smug about the fact that they are so organized, and then pull crap like this. I do not claim to be organized, my desk is a mess, I work hard to keep my house on the positive side of disaster zone......but I have a great memory and do know what I have and have not done, where things are and who I talked to (and when).

UGH - OK- rant over, I am going to try to get 30 solid minutes of paperwork done before heading home for the evening.

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