Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Winter of our Discontent (Lincoln Park Conservatory)

On Saturday, we headed to Lincoln Park Conservatory.  It was freezing, we were looking for something to do indoors, and their Christmas Train exhibit was still going.  This trip was a huge success for us.  I dropped Allan and Henry off at the door and lucked into a great parking spot less than a block away.  We were able to take off our coats and just feel good!

It was lush, green and warm inside!  
Not a shabby exhibit.  The trains were slow, but we did not mind.

Mom, this is AWESOME!
Mom, you may as well sit down, we are going to be here for awhile!

For me, Lincoln Park Conservatory has several points over its more famous cousins.....  It is not as big or extensive as Garfield Park Conservatory (which is amazing), but it was closer for us and an easier drive in the snow.  The trains were not as amazing as those at the Chicago Botanic Gardens (where we are members), but it was closer and FREE!  It was also not as busy, which made it easier for us to relax while our crazy 2 year old ran around like a crazy child.

We left and headed out to an early dinner, passing William Shakespeare in Lincoln Park.  He looked cold, we were cold, Henry wanted none of this picture.

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