Saturday, February 11, 2012


Henry and I were invited to Mexico later this month back in January. After much soul searching, I decided not to go and am headed to South Carolina instead to see my parents and get some sun. I found a GREAT flight on Southwest so it was a no brainer that Henry and I head there.

Just the thought of going to Mexico had me thinking and we applied for a passport for Henry. At that point, Henry was 3 weeks old. I followed the instructions on the Department of State website and took the following photo:

It was rejected:(. They did not like the folds in the fabric (although the website said you could put them in a car seat to take the picture). Putting him on the floor and trying to have him "look at the camera with his eyes open" was NOT happening. Not enough head control.

I have since been trying to take a better photo and will head to CVS tomorrow in an attempt to get an acceptable photo. I want to use this one....

but am afraid they will not like the face (although I think it is adorable). I'm also worried about the shadow.

I also have this one:

but I am still worried about the shadow. How do I not have a shadow, looking down on him using a flash?


PS - I can't believe that I never posted this! They accepted my photo (the last one pictured) and Henry is ready to go! I guess it is a good think the picture was rejected, I realized that his middle name was misspelled on their records so I was able to correct that before the passport was printed.

Now we are ready to head to Prague this summer! (I wish!)


Delane said...

We can go to Northern Wisconsin... It's like a foreign country!!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

I love the middle pic!