Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sedona, March 18, 2012

Allan and I have been waiting (impatiently) for spring break. Typically, March in Chicago is very unpredictable, with one last snowstorm. This year, we left beautiful early spring weather in the 80's for Sedona. The plan was to hike and see the sights. Once again, Henry was a travel champ on the plane and in the car. We arrived Saturday the leading edge of a HUGE snowstorm!

Sunday, we got up and spent a little time driving around trying to see the sights. We drove up to the airport lookout and froze trying to get a picture. In this photo, the baby was in a car seat sleeping, soon to start screaming. We tried to drive around town but the roads were not good. We ended up going to a grocery story for sandwich fixings and snacks and headed back to the room.

We ventured out later that day for dinner and drove by the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was beautiful in the snow....

After our brief detour, we had dinner at Oak Creek Brewery. The food was VERY average. If you are in Sedona, I would say to skip it..... We headed back to the hotel and rented Horrible Bosses. I was not thrilled to see the movie, but it was very funny.

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