Friday, October 19, 2012

PT, Chiropractor and 15k

At some point in the last month, I seemed to have clicked in on diet and exercise.  I am down 5lbs from the last time I looked and am making better choices overall.  Since he Henry was born, my left hip has been wonky, it hurts, gets "stuck" and generally makes me miserable.  Six months ago, I asked my OB for a PT referral - and let it sit.

Allan finally got really sick of watching me limp around and told me if I did not make a PT appointment, he would make one for me.  My first appointment was tonight.  The PT thinks I need a hip x-ray and that something is wrong in there (either arthritis or a piece of cartilage).  Ugh.  She also mentioned a cortisone shot - is she crazy?  Has she been watching the news?  ACK!

In the meantime, I started seeing a chiropractor in my office building.  I've always been a little leery of chiropractors, but she is very gentle (no "cracking adjustments").  It seems to be a combination of PT and massage (painful massage).  The best part is the physotape she puts on me.  It is like a new adventure every week!  The first one was a patch  on my left hip, Allan told me it looked like it was covering my plug for recharging.   If only it was so easy!

Finally, I signed up for a 15k in the middle of this.  I ran 5 miles on Sunday and Monday, 3 last night.

So do I keep running or stop until I get the x-ray to figure out my hip?  I don't know why I ask, I am going to keep running till a Dr. gives me a real reason not to.....

I am spinning tomorrow - come hell or high water.

I have also realized I need to stay off the scale and do what I know is right.  When I saw the "good" number on the scale, I promptly had two food filled days.  No more scale, back to eating when I am hungry and making good choices.

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