Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

My parents arrived Thursday, just in the nick of time. While Allan and I have been doing well with Henry, I think we both pretty much crashed when they came. It has been so nice to have the extra pairs of hands to hold Henry. At this point, pretty much the only time I am gaunted to hold Henry is when I am nursing him. Both my Mom and Dad have been fabulous.

We had a fun Christmas Eve yesterday and ended up in "the LF" for dinner with Allan's family. There were about 18 of us and it was a wonderful dinner, with pheasant! *yum* I had my Dad take pictures of us in front of the tree, but the flash did not go off and they were blurry. I am going to try to get some from a cousin that was taking pictures last night. This one is ok, but Henry looks like he is in pain!

Alan and I tried to sneak out to an 11pm church service but Henry started fussing and we left after about 15 minutes. Good thing that it was only 2 blocks to get home! I told Allan that we got credit for going!:) So much to be thankful for this year, I wanted to say a prayer in church to thank God for all of my blessings. I would not have minded Henry fussing, but it was not the family service, so I thought we should leave.

Henry gave us another Christmas present and actually slept for FIVE hours last night (yes, I forgot to set an alarm to wake him up). Having a longer stretch of sleeping time is priceless. We had a fabulous breakfast (featuring the famous "sausage ring with scrambled eggs" and opened presents! I am clearly blessed and loved - I made out like a bandit with a beautiful new watch, new running tights and compression socks, a pickle Christmas tree ornament, Angelina's hot chocolate and foie gras from Paris, and gift cards to Fleet Feet, Paciugo, and Pinkberry.

Henry ended up buried in presents (what a well loved boy) and slept through the entire process. My parents were kind enough to watch Henry this afternoon and Allan and I snuck out for a "date afternoon" to see Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, which I loved. I could not believe though how many people brought VERY young children (around 6 years old) to a very violent movie. Not appropriate in my opinion (hello Judgey Judgerson). Henry drank two bottles while we were gone (I TRIED to feed him lots before we left) and he pooped for them. I guess he wanted to give them the full experience:)

We also worked today on getting out holiday cards and I started cleaning up Christmas decorations. Tired, I am now tired and happy. Merry Christmas!

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