Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

I got the best news ever today! The maid has room to come and clean every week (as opposed to every other week). I realize that I am spoiled, but I will give up A LOT to keep the maid. Somehow, I can keep the place picked up, but then lose my motivation to clean. Having her come also helps me keep things picked up and cleaner. I am so much happier with an clean house:)

Now my "photo bomb"
Coming home from the hospital.

Tummy time was a great success! Henry had gas last night and we looked online for help. This worked! River wanted in on the fun.

Tummy time last night seems to have sealed the deal. River says "this is MY baby!".


Melissa Prickett said...

When we switched from bi-weekly to weekly, it was pure heaven and I'll never go back. It's so worth it.

Enjoy your beautiful baby. Glad all the sugar worries are over and you are all safely at home.

Tabitha said...

Ahh these pics are so cute. I love when fur babies welcome real babies.