Sunday, November 14, 2010

India Bound! (November 12/14)

In all of my packing lists - I am now realizing that the one thing I may have forgotten is the cord to upload pictures! boooo! Thank goodness that Rahul has managed to help me out so I can attach pictures to the blog and make it more interesting to the three of you who come here:)

The good news is that I made it safely to Chennai after an American Airlines flight to Brussels and then a Jet Airways flight from Brussels to Chennai. I gave up my coveted aisle seat to a man who claimed to have a bad leg but drew the line when he then tried to get me to change my seat again so that he could sit next to his wife. This would have put in in the dead center between two LARGE men. I figured nice only goes so far....and I had reserved my seat in September. If he was not on the ball as me, that was his tough luck.

Aileen met me at the airport and there was no trouble getting my bag and getting home. I managed to crawl into bed at about 2:00am. I am lucky enough to be visiting with Aileen's sister Frannie so I have someone to travel with. The Crowe Sister's are a treat!

On instructions, Aileen woke me up at about 9:00am this morning. We at waffles and chatted. Xochi and her friend Sam headed out, Frannie went out to do her tai chi, and I did some laps around the house to close out my zones for the week in the back yard. While it is cool for the people who live is HOT to me!

We went out to lunch at the Madras Country Club. We narrowly escaped being kicked out first because of Rahul's inappropriate footwear (he changed from sandals to shoes) and then Xochi's age (we lied about her being 5).

After a quick nap, we headed out for a snack and to the beach!

Rahul and Aileen took us out for "real" food. They started with a banana leaf place mat which was loaded with chutney's and dhosa, ideli, and udappam. It was FABULOUS!

We then proceeded to walk to the beach were we dipped our toes into the Bay of Bengal and watched Xochi ride on a very scary merry go round. After a gelato, we headed home.

Aileen is headed to Delhi tonight and when her flight was delayed she headed back home for wine and chocolate. Red wine, chocolate and friend are the best. I am buzzed now and may edit later.....but Aileen and Rahul are the best!

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