Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mamallapuram (November 17)

Wednesday was the holiday of Eid so Aileen had the day off. We all loaded into the car and headed down to Mamallapuram which is about 90 minutes south of Chennai. After a brief stop for lunch we headed out for some temple hopping!

Our first stop was the Shore Temple. I think this was most interesting to me because when the tsunami hit, the waves pulling back out uncovered a bunch of the temple that had not been previously excavated.

It rained while we were in the temple, but our intrepid guide found a safe place for us to hang out until the storm passed.

The shore temple was most like Tulum in Mexico since it is located directly on the Bay of Bengal.

We then headed of to the Seven Rathra's Temple. This temple is famous because it is carved from a single piece of stone. They started at the top and then worked their way down to the bottom

I love Xochi posing behind me in this picture.

Next up was Krishna's Butterball - the most underwhelming part of the day for me. Thank goodness Frannie and Aileen were willing to keep it up on the hill.

We wrapped up our exciting day by stopping to ride 4x4's on a 1 kilometer track. It was VERY fun. We had also planned to stop at the "crocodile park" on the way home but it was raining so we kept driving.

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