Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Testing Tuesday - November 2

We had mid challenge testing today. I am down a few pounds but my fat % was up?! How is this? My trainer thinks I am still out of whack from my 1/2 marathon on Sunday so I am going to retest fat %/weight tomorrow morning. Today I am chugging water.

My VO2 Max is better
My flexibility is better
I feel stronger and can see muscles in my arms.

As happy as I am, my partner dropped like NINE % body fat. arrrrrggghhh

My Polar changed my program this week. I now need to do 5 hrs of cardio a week. The good news is that the minutes are added in zones 1 and 3, zone 2 is the same. I am happy that my calorie burn goal is now 2850 so it helps me with the WeWa 2500 weekly thread.

Had an interesting discussion with my trainer about how you really do need to change things up to keep progressing. That is why there are "fat" runners - your body gets used to the exercise if you are just bumping along without adding speed work, tempo, sprints or SOMETHING. She also made the point that (in terms of fitness) you are either gaining or losing. There is really no such thing as maintaining.

My 1/2 marathon on Sunday was good. It was windy and the re-route (thanks O'Bama) took us up north along the lakefront into the headwinds (tough). Apparently the race was also about .4 mile longer than a 1/2 should be (13.1). My time was 2:27 so I am happy with about an 11mm pace.

Yesterday I walked for 30 minutes with the dog and today we ran/walked for an hour. I literally ran to a lightpost and then walked to the next. It was like beginning running - but it kept me in zone 2 and got the calories burned. I've been listening to Michael Pollen's In Defense of Food. Once again, I am realizing that I really need to get away from packaged and manipulated food. No low fat, low calorie, fake sugar, etc. Keep Cooking!

I wish I knew how to insert pictures mid blog like my cool friends. hmmmm might have to ask for advice on this one.

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