Monday, October 10, 2011


I have been MIA lately. Things have been a little rough and I tend to only post happier things. Given that my blog readership is about 3, I think I need to use it more as intended, as a journal.

Anyway, I got home from Michigan last night to an email that really upset me. A facebook "friend" had taken a photo from a friend's blog and posted it on her wall with a nasty comment. Honestly, I could not believe it. First, this person has no room to throw stones in her glass house. Second, I just don't understand why you would even put that out there. Yes, I have my bitchy moments, and will own them, but really try not to every say something hurtful to others in a public forum. I actually even try not to put things in email or print so that they could not be forwarded on/misinterpreted by others.

Again, I am NOT perfect and have certainly said hurtful things to others (behind their back and unintentionally to their faces). I will say though, I have made a REAL effort in the past few years to keep my thoughts positive and give people the benefit of the doubt. My motto lately has been "always choose love". I don't care what others do or say, I can only control myself and to some extent my impact on others.

This is just bring up an ongoing issue with Facebook that I have been thinking about more and more. In the past year, I have hidden people who have hurt my feelings by posting about parties and events that pretty much my entire social scene (except me) were invited to attend. I have hidden people who seem to have nothing good to say about anything. I used to get drunk and go through my friends and delete a bunch of people I decided I did not care about and did not want poking around my business. The problem is that not I don't get drunk anymore.

So here is where I stand now. Do I:
1. Close down and delete my facebook account.
The pros to this are: more time, less drama in my life, no more worries about privacy issues.
Cons: I do like it as a way to keep up with family and friends who I don't see much. It is a good way to contact people I would otherwise be unable to contact.

2. Spend the time and make some real "lists" not that facebook has changed format. I could then do a better job of managing who sees what and what I see of others.
pros: better management - not throwing out the baby with the bathwater
cons: more time needed, not a perfect situation

Hmmmm - will ponder this today and make a decision soon. I think I will start with lists and see if it makes me happier with facebook overall.

I am still bothered though the whole situation.