Sunday, October 9, 2011

Michigan, October 2011

This weekend we headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see some of Allan's family and get in some hiking (or more to the point, walking). Allan's family house is EIGHT hours away. The good news is that this trip, we made it up and back with no major delays either way. It is the first time that I have not been ready to kill Allan after one leg of the trip.

We got in late Friday night (after 11) and saw this..... apparently there had been a giant windstorm right before we arrived and a huge tree fell over the road. The good news about the UP is that there always seem to be guys around with pickup trucks, chains and chainsaws. The delay was less than 30 minutes and we got to the house and fell into bed, twin beds.....Lucy and Desi style!:)

After breakfast the next morning, we headed out to Mountain Stream Falls. The wind had blown down lots of trees so we had to do some of off roading to get there.

When we got there, we sat for awhile and ate lunch. I needed a break after the hike. Apparently, these falls are in the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Michigan. Did I take a picture? iroll

We walked down via the road (I could not have made it back by the trail) and headed back to the house where we took a nap and rested up for family dinner! Again, we fell into bed but had trouble sleeping because it was HOT!!? When it is in the upper 70's in northern Michigan in October, there is really no other evidence needed for climate change in my book.

Sunday we were up fairly early and then headed out as a family to "the narrows" via row boat. This was Allan's mom's favorite fishing spot and she had wanted it to be the place where we scattered her ashes. I am glad that we were able to respect her wishes. We then headed out for a hike around a lake (or walked 30 minutes or so an then turned around). Again, the weather was beautiful: sunny, warm, with beautiful leaves. The UP really is a beautiful place.

We headed out by 12:00 and were home by 8:30! Yeah! Weekend!

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