Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apple Pie

Allan had the day off today and I also ended up having the day off due to moved kids and cancellations. We had a productive morning "getting stuff done" and I feel better about the state of my house and that I actually know where (some) things are. I ended up at the office in the afternoon to do billing after dropping yet another load of crap off at Salvation Army and a Costco run. I missed my Group Groove class so decided to walk the dog. Unfortunately, it started raining and I started to jog home - bad idea, baby was NOT happy with that idea.

After 30 minutes on the couch with my feet up, I felt better. Allan came home (from golf) and we started dinner. I unearthed one of my favorite recipes ever the other day - pasta carbonara, so we made that. Not for those on a diet...but GOOD!

Currently now waiting for an apple pie to bake (still working through the apple picking apples) so I can give it to Tammy as a thank you for watching River last weekend while we were out of town.

Good friends deserved to be spoiled!:)

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Delane said...

will dog sit for pie...just sayin'