Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday - Apples and Golf

We were up fairly early for our suburban excellent adventure! Allan has been asking (read:nagging) me to play golf with him all summer. He had a coupon for a free round for two out by Crystal Lake so I decided to combine that with apple picking!

We headed out to More than Delicious Orchard in Woodstock. It was very fun. We paid for our 1/2 bushel bag and headed out in to the rows of trees. Ripe trees were marked with a ribbon that also listed the type of tree. I think we were most amazed by the number of varieties of apples and that they all aren't huge, shiny and perfect. Really, these are things that you know, but forget when faced with grocery store apples. I think our new favorite is Orange Pippin. Yum. We ate and picked to our hearts content.

Next up was lunch. The only downer of the day. I think we wanted something nicer so stopped at Firewood Lounge. Ugh! Honestly, I guess it was fine, but for the money we spent, I wish we had gone to Culvers or some other fast food restaurant. Lesson learned.

We ended up at Stonewall Orchard Golf Course. From this point out, you need to remember that I am NOT a golfer and this was more golf than I have played at one point in my entire life. Allan had made a specific point of asking for us to play as a twosome when he made the tee time (so I would not be embarrassed). They tried to pair us up with another twosome but were accommodating when we said no. The problem was that there were now three groups very close together. A twosome, us, and then a foursome. We were all fairly jammed up and the group behind us kept hitting into us. At one point, a golf ball landed on the 9th green before I had even exited the green. Allan was LIVID! But there were no rangers to complain to. The good news was:
at that point we were done
I was hitting the ball consistently and straight
I had fun
I will play again

I conked in the car and was in for the evening when we got home. We have been enjoying Entourage On Demand and that was enough excitement for me!

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Tabitha said...

I love the fall for apple picking and pumpkin patching. Can't wait to do it next month!