Thursday, September 8, 2011

25 weeks and Counting 9/8/2011

I supposedly am almost to the third trimester and should have been feeling better in the second trimester. Unfortunately, as I type this, I am dry heaving at my computer. The good news is that I have not thrown up for over a week as I write this (hopefully today will not be a reset day).

As of yesterday, I was up 10lbs - the baby is really kicking now!

Busy day today:
walk dog - take a walk
mail taxes at post office
go to CVS
Ikea - buy triple rod to finish curtains tonight, buy shelves for above Allan's desk (tonight)
write note to Liz
notes to Mom and RC
Call CH, SM
get out sewing machine and work on stretched out, hand me down maternity pants so they don't fall down anymore and also sew up all the holey dog toys. (this may be done this weekend)

I don't have to be at work till 2:30 today. Already folded laundry, changed sheets, cleaned up kitchen, started more laundry, and ate a bowl of cereal (which at this point maybe all I eat today!)

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