Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend, 2011

Spent the weekend in St. Joe's (Michigan) with friends. It was a fairly low key weekend. I drove up with River on Friday afternoon and AC joined up by train after work. I was happy to miss traffic and it worked out well. Friday night, we had pizza at Silver Beach Pizza, located in the train station at St. Joe's. Highly recommended and VERY yummy.

Although some of the people stayed up late on Friday drinking and making merry, as an old pregnant lady, I crashed early and hard. Honestly, I don't miss drinking and carousing. I AM getting old!:)

We were up fairly early on Saturday and D made an awesome breakfast. We loaded the car up with dogs and humans to head to Grand Mere State Park (about 10 minutes away). We had heard it was about a mile walk to the beach (which was dog friendly). The walk was a paved trail through the woods with a last 10-15 minutes of climbing over sand dunes. I had to go sloooooww but made it! The beach was very nice, not crowded. Dog and family friendly. As normal, River avoided the water - stupid webbed footed dog!

After a nap and a late dinner at Clementine's Too It was clearly a family run old school place. The boys ate steak. I had a baked potato. We joined up with friends at the St. Joseph's Royal Yacht Club and tried to stay dry on a rainy evening. I knew A wanted to go to the Casino and offered, but he said no thanks. Again, back to the house not so late, followed by a hard crash into bed.

Sunday started with another fabulous breakfast, a nap, a walk with one of the other ladies at the house (or a drag as I called it). It was good to walk with someone who kept me out walking longer (and faster) than I would have myself. I'd pretty much stopped working out/exercising since I have felt so crappy, but am getting back into it now:).

Sunday ended up with a home cooked steak dinner, corn on the cob, tomato salad and a quick drive into town to see fireworks. We narrowly avoided a rain storm on the way home and crashed early.

Monday was up early again. We set off, it the outlets on the way home and hit NO TRAFFIC. A low key weekend but nice none the less!

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