Friday, September 23, 2011

Key West! Friday

Allan and I spent the past weekend in Key West, FL for a friend's wedding. I decided not to post while I was down there (or Facebook/Foursquare) since there was a break-in in our townhouse development last week. We left Thursday and returned after midnight on Sunday. Thursday was pretty much a travel day. We had a 10 am flight and did not get to our hotel till about 5:00pm. We had dinner at an Italian place and I crashed early (this theme will continue through the weekend).

Allan was up early on Friday and even went running! We then rented bikes, which saved me since the heat was oppressive. I have found that I am much less tolerant to heat now that I am pregnant. We rode our bikes to the Banana Leaf cafe, straight down Duval Street. We managed to arrive at the perfect time to avoid a wait, yet still order breakfast!:) It was our luck to even run into the bride and some friends who had been out for a walk and stopped for a healthy brunch. After brunch, we headed off to the southernmost point in the United States for our obligatory photo op.

After our photo op, we headed down to Hemingway's house. We loved the tour which included a look at the polydactyl cats who have extra toes (and were everywhere) and a guide who did a great job of talking about Hemingway's wives and loves while keeping an irreverent tone.

After Hemingway, we headed back to the hotel where I crashed and don't really know what Allan did during that time. We were back up and showered, dressed, and at the wedding site by the 6:30 service. The bride was beautiful (of course) and I even managed to stay up till 10:30 while doing some dancing! I loved the sunset ceremony, which included a rainbow and the reception on Sunset Pier. It was a beautiful ceremony and night. So thrilling to see friends so happy.

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