Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yeah for the Maid!

The highlight of today is that the maid came. She did a great job of de-doghairing the house. I will give up almost ANYTHING to avoid giving up the maid. There are some sacrifices that are just to traumatic to contemplate.... this comes up because Allan and I are currently "budgeting". We are in the preliminary stages of trying to merge our finances and figure out our monthly expenses. This will help determine things such as: "Do I need to go back to work after I have this baby? (probably) If so, how much?". Preliminary budgeting involves writing down everything that I spend, where I spent it, and how I paid (credit card, cash, debit card, etc.). Allan is supposed to be doing the same thing, I don't think he is however....

Other than that, I saw eight kids at work and did not make anyone cry. It is a Christmas miracle!:) I went to Group Groove today (loved it) and am currently listening to Allan attempt to talk to Comcast on the phone. I NEVER wanted cable and now Allan is so frustrated with Comcast that I think it is one more bill we will not be paying:)

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Delane said...

LOL...as frustrated as he might be its hard for men to give up tv!