Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whiny Wednesday

I had my 28 week OB apt today. The good news is that I am measuring ahead (at 30 weeks). The bad news is that I had another terrible experience at the office. I started the "meet the other doctors" visits today. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well and ended up pretty sick at the office. It started in the exam room and I then ran to the bathroom when I realized that my entire stomach was coming back up.

When I got back to the exam room, the Dr was waiting and seemed pissed off at ME for making her wait!! Should I have thrown up on her shoes? At this point, the visit progressed along the lines where I asked a question, it was not really answered, and she NEVER LOOKED AT MY FACE! Really, this woman could not have picked me out of a line up 5 minutes later. She seriously stared at my knee while I was asking her for any more info on what false labor felt like or how do I know when things are not ok? grrrr If this person was brought in to deliver me, I would be VERY upset. I'd take a resident over her.

At this point I am exploring my options to switch OB's while I still (hopefully) can.

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Delane said...

boo that stinks. I'd be mad too