Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mama Said There'd be Days Like This...

Well, my Mom would be much more likely to say something like "buck up and stop whining". After playing phone tag with my OB, it turns out that I have a bladder infection (and have since last Wed). I guess the good news for this is that there is a REASON I have been feeling pretty off all week and that there is modern medicine to help me recover quickly:)

It is a grey and gloomy day here in Chicago so I plan on diving in to Starbucks on the way to my first kid. Still contemplating if I am going to get a shower in today..... I did not sleep well last night (yeah heartburn!) and Allan is gone till Friday night at a conference in St Louis. I hope he gets to see Game 7 and a hometown win! On other happy news, River is still "recovering" from boy's weekend with Allan and is flatulant with gastric distress - to put it mildly. I guess it is time to get both of our systems back on track for the weekend!

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