Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday/30 weeks

Yeah Monday!

I need to learn to get up with Allan in the morning when I am "up". While I think I did a lot today and am pretty happy with everything, I wish I had gotten up with him and gotten EVEN more done!:) The good news is that the house is ready for the cleaning lady tomorrow.

Did some errands, saw some kids, normal Monday. The bummer is that I only gained .02lbs this week. I am now on the VERY low end of weight gain for the pregnancy. I hope to gain a pound this week to stay on track. The baby is kicking a lot though and my stomach is getting lots bigger so I guess all is well.

The highlight was dinner with my neighbor A. We walked into the square and had dinner at Trattoria Trullo. With the help of my trusty zofran, I ate a piece of bread and FOUR ravioli! woot! It was really fun to sit and catch up with a good friend. I really appreciate my friends (more and more) and am so thankful for them.

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