Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whiny Wednesday

I had a good day yesterday overall. Saw 5 of 7 scheduled kids, made it downtown for my 4:00pm micoderm, met Liane for a 5:20 movie (Salt) and then headed to big bowl for dinner. Just ate my leftovers for lunch today. Laura called me last night and we have Sat plans to maybe see Bon Jovi - yeah!

I was fast asleep at 11:00pm so was up at 6:30. I decided to go for an early morning jog with River. It felt good and I need to up my minimum running time to 40 minutes if time allows (this morning it did, I just did not do it).

River and I did the bank loop (1.5 miles) at 11:00am today. It was hot and we both arrived soaking wet back to the office. Happy to have a little more exercise on the legs though:) My theory this time has been that every little bit counts - both in terms of exercise and making good food choices.

The whiny comes from the fact that even though I saw a great number on the scale yesterday and today and feel good overall, I cannot help but seem to notice my pouchy stomach. I remember this from previous weight loss - I seem to feel fatter, or notice my body more as I get thinner. You would think the reverse would be true - eh. I guess I am just whiny about it today.

Back to work, I've seen four of eight scheduled kids and realized today that I need to get working on my fall schedule. August is going to be a mess for work - I keep telling myself to take deep breaths (and study my Spanish).

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