Monday, November 14, 2011

35 Weeks (and Counting)

I finally got my camera, charged battery, and myself all in the same room for some belly pictures. I've been feeling pretty emotional today and am not sure what is going on. For me, this pregnancy has been all about the physical symptoms, not the emotional ones so I was NOT happy with being teary and stressed.

Here goes writing to get it out so I can move on:

First: I was trying hard to "get stuff done" this morning. Laundry, loading the dishwasher, putting stuff away, moving stuff around, etc. The reality is that we don't have a big place and I just keep bringing more stuff in, which stresses me out.

Second: I was dogstalked this morning. River was so underfoot that I kicked him several times. While he usually follows me around, this level is ridiculous. I then started freaking out that he knew something I did not know and that I was about to go into labor. I wondered if Allan forgot to feed him. Now that we are at work, he is fine. Maybe he just wanted to go to work or get out of the house?

Third: I then started thinking about all the ways Allan and I are not ready for the baby, what is going to happen when the baby comes, what is going to happen after the baby comes.

Fourth: thank you notes....they keep piling up. It is so wonderful to have such generous people in my life, but I am stressed about thank you notes.

Fifth: It hit 1:00 and I realized I had to eat, but I already had heartburn and was nauseous. I was gagging while talking on the phone with a friend, nice. I did force myself to eat something, but only under duress.

Sixth: emails from my Mom. Need I say more.

Ugh - the good news is that I feel better, the baby is moving, and I have no BH (nor have I for a few days). I keep telling myself that the baby needs to keep growing and everything will work out......right?

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Delane said...

It will all be fine!