Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Funny Husband

Who is usually funny only when he is not trying to be funny (and not when he is). Was making me laugh hysterically last night (Wed). The first awesoeme thing that he did was bring home pringles - which I ate and was then not hungry for dinner. No wonder my fingers are puffy today!

We are later sitting on the couch watching Modern Family and I am feeling the baby jump fairly rhythmically.
Susan: I think he has hiccups.
Allan: Who? River? (the dog)
susan: No you idiot, the baby! hmmmm this is facebook worthy.
Allan: You know, many of my friends on facebook don't know...
Susan: What? That you are an idiot? They are your friends, how could they not know?
Allan: *responds with finger gesture* laughing

I was in a good mood last night, have been in a pretty good mood this week.

1 comment:

Delane said...

you would think he would have HEARD River having the hicups.