Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hump Day

Above is a picture of my lunch of choice these days. Unfortunately the Park Ridge Dairy Queen is seasonal and closes this weekend. I figure a blizzard is not the best lunch choice, but at least I am not eating it WITH a lunch!:)

My funk seems to be continuing this week. I am sleeping well but wake up out of sorts. I can usually get it together for the morning and early afternoon but then start dragging by the afternoon and am done for by evening.

Last night, I was supposed to meet with Uli but was NOT feeling well at work. Thankfully she was also available on Friday so I can meet up with her then. Even better, she is out of school by 4:00 so we can meet earlier (which is better). I spent the evening on the couch watching the Biggest Loser - which I think may have jumped the shark. Is it just me?

Plans tonight to meet friends at OTS and watch the Hawks game, plans tomorrow to meet a friend and go to the Time Out shopping thing. I hope I make it....

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Tabitha said...

Ok that would be my lunch of choice too if I were preggers. I would be eating up a storm of everything that I shouldn't have but tastes so good.