Friday, November 18, 2011

Dammed if you do.....dammed if you don't

I had my "midwest baby shower" last weekend. It was a wonderful event that was well attended by family and friends. As I have said before, I continue to be amazed by the generosity of the people in my life. There was some drama on who to invite. On one hand, I wanted everyone to feel included and be invited, on the other other hand, I did not want people to feel I was trolling for presents (especially since I was married about six months ago and most people have ALREADY been very generous to me this year.) Adding to this, at almost 40, everyone in my life has been to NUMEROUS baby showers and I think most are "done" with them. After the first 20, they are not as fun anymore.

There ended up being about seven people who were "on the bubble". They are all people who I have been close to in the past but am not currently close to and/or have not physically seen recently. After asking several friends in the "friend groups" with these friends, only one of the seven ended up being invited (someone that I ended up seeing for coffee and explained the situation to.) In the course of my asking for advice, I received an two different emails that made me VERY gunshy about inviting anyone that was not currently a good friend/someone that I had not recently seen or contacted. Etiquette says that if you are invited, you should sent a present. Again, I did not want people to feel obligated to attend, or give a present. Given this, I decided to go "small".

Of course, pictures are now on Facebook and one of the friends who was not invited has already made a comment that makes me feel bad they they were not invited. I am sure I am the topic of some emails right now. ugh

Did I make the right decision? Should I have worked to keep this event off Facebook?

I am going to write a separate post on the actual baby shower that is not angst filled....

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I'm really sorry :-(