Wednesday, January 11, 2012

41 years and 4 weeks

Today Allan is 41 and Henry is 4 weeks. The last month has been crazy and fun and exciting. I am not sure if I would recommend having a baby right before Christmas, since there were pros and cons. Considering I am so happy to have Henry here - I am not complaining!

We had a great birthday dinner at Wishbone:

I had shrimp and grits without the shrimp and Allan had pan fried chicken. Yum. I had my first whole beer post baby and was ready for bed when when we got home at 8:00pm.:)

We had cupcakes from Sprinkles when we got home (before I passed out)!

Henry continues to get stronger and more alert every day. He clearly knows me now and will quiet down when he hears me coming or stop crying if I start singing to him. His eye gaze is much more directed and he seems to recognize me. Makes me happy, and more in love every day! Just this week, he started batting at the toys in his bouncy seat. New skills every day!

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Delane said...

Happy Birthday Allan! Happy 4 weeks Henry!!!