Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

There seem to be lots of posts on blogs I follow with recaps of 2011 and goals for 2012. Today I am not into either so *meh*, maybe tomorrow.

I did get out for a good 2.9 mile walk. I did the Horner Park loop with the dog and then left him at home and walked to CVS to do some shopping. Here is a picture I snapped during my walk. Can't wait for the ducklings to come this spring:) The 1/4 mile walk along the river is my favorite part and I usually do that 1/4 mile at least once a day.

My tired point on these walks seems to be around 2 miles. My goal for the week is to walk at least 15 miles and to do 5 minutes of arm weights 4 times (I'd love to do this every day, but the days seem to fly by).

Last night I was asleep by midnight after a yummy dinner of steak, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. I did wake up at 1am to feed the baby. Someone was confused because they were lighting off fireworks at 1am. Allan said there were more at midnight, but I missed them:) Maybe next year!

Henry keeps growing, I still have some breastfeeding concerns (I am not producing enough) and I am excited to see a lactation consultant tomorrow to get some guidance. He is opening his eyes more, is more alert, and started batting at the hanging toys from his bouncy seat. So cute! Boy genius figured out how to hold is bottle today. :) Don't judge me - this kid eats like a beast.

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