Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally Friday

I liked what I did yesterday (writing my post/goals early and then updating and posting later) so I am going to do it again today:

1. Drink 100oz (water/juice/milk) only 1 cup coffee:( - Done by noon. I am so thirsty this is easy. Not going to have it as a daily goal anymore.

2. eat 5/f/v - fail, not only did I not do this. I waited to long to eat lunch and was then hungry all afternoon and ate waaay to much junk and sugar:(

3. walk at least 3 miles (I have a friend coming to walk with me today so this should be no problem) - done, 4 miles with a friend.

4. print out and fill out passport application for Henry/take passport photo (for possible upcoming trip to Mexico in Feb:) - done, hope this works! We dropped it off Sat morning - done!

5. fold and put away laundry - I asked Allan to do this

6. 5 minutes arm workout w/weights - Fail

I am really happy today is Friday. How lame is it that I miss Allan during the day now that he has gone back to work...? It will be fun to have him around this weekend. Again, Henry slept great last night and Allan and I did the early shift/late shift thing so we each got about a 6 hour chunk of sleep. Considering Henry is only 3 weeks old, I am thrilled with this.

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