Thursday, January 5, 2012


Thursday Goals:
(I am writing this early morning and will mark my goals and post at night)

1. 5 minutes of arm workout with weights - done
2. walk (at least 2 miles) - done
3 eat 5 f/v - done
4. work for at least three hours - sort work for three hours, did a lot, one more thing I MUST get done....
5. grocery store - costco
6. cook dinner - see below, don't be jealous of Taco Thursday....

Allan saved me last night by staying up with a fussy baby from 10:30 -12 (when he fell asleep). I still consider us very lucky that we *bonk* at different times. It was no problem to get up with the baby at 5am when he woke back up because I was well rested!

1 comment:

Delane said...

your dinner was WAY healthier than mine. I had cube steak from the CSA so I made chicken fried steak.

I also looks much tastier, since I'm not a fan of Chicken fried steak. eh.

Good job on the goals. Today was DOR for me.