Thursday, January 26, 2012

Six Weeks

Yesterday, Henry was six weeks! I can't belive how fast the time is going by. We saw the Dr for our one month appointment yesterday. I was supposed to bring him in last week, but pushed it a week since I had my OB visit as well and though I could kill two birds with one stone. Good news on all fronts!

Henry weighs 10lbs 6oz and is in the 50% for weight. His head circumference and length were in the 60% percentile. The Dr. commented on how alert he was and how cute he is. I can't help but agree! I also got a good report from my OB, am cleared to exercise and don't have to go back for six weeks. A mammogram is in my future this year since I am going to be 40.

This week, Henry is even more alert and I can tell his vision is improving. He is starting to be happy in his bouncy chair and on the play mat batting at toys. He can clearly see them:) I am also starting to see smiles, which completely melt my heart....

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